Amaraka, The Eternal Tales.

Based on a compilation of animistic cosmology, the Old Memory chant woman, dreams the world [of the Americas] as liberated and in peace.

The background flutes are ancestral instruments played in different tribes around South America.

The text is narrated in Sapara, an extremely endangered language from an Ecuadorian Amazonian tribe of the same name.

This is a 3-channel video, where lines of the text are translated at certain queues.

This video/poem is in response to our relation to the land, the need for resistance, and the importance of dream as a political incantory act.


(A translation of the poem will be posted shortly)



Old Memory chant woman descends

Put Honey in his feet

Mud woman dances

She, who takes off her mud/skin and creates life

A big thanks to everyone who made this vision come to live.

Performers: Alex Barragan, Nikesha Breeze, Sri Louise, Verito Monart 

Editing and Color: Boloh Miranda 

Jessica Hubbarb Marr for your endless support and insights and Esteban Valdiviezo for allowing me to use his ancenstral sounds in this work.