Hello folks, I want to share a part of my journey that is central to my creative and spiritual practice.
Many of you know me as an artist, some as a plant concoctionist, but very few know that I do leidas/oracle readings.
This tradition of leidas was pass down to me by 3 maestras, they all have their way of reading the soul, and respond to questions, I pray to each of them and I am so grateful for what they shared with me in waking and in dreamtime. Over the years, I have learned to develop my own style using shells; honoring their teachings and also my ancestral pacific coastal roots.
Oracle or leidas is the technology of the spirit; as egyptian tarot, astrogazing, congo readings, i-ching, dreamtime, geomancy, they all support us navigate the changes and fluctuations in the web of life by supporting us with choices that are in accordance to our and the highest good of all.
I come now to invite you to do a reading with me and if you have questions please send a message.

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If you have any questions please send me an email

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