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Starting spring 2018 I will resume my mentoring and teaching practices, If you are interested in my online classes please type it on the subject head

Here are 2 examples of what I teach (taken from the ICP catalogue of 2017) 

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About me:

I am a graduate from the school of visual arts with a bachelor in fine arts in 05’; during those years I focused on performance art, trance states and native traditions.

In all of my projects there is a direct collaboration with the communities, tribes, groups that I photograph.

What I capture is often informed by my personal background and the places that I tend to gravitate, from the Amazon to the Andes to the Pueblos in the American southwest. My work often draws connection with these places and cultures in a way that is ontological, ethnological and reflective.

I dig in caves, looking for psychic gold, in there I thread personal and collective narratives to explore the peripheries of memory, storytelling and perception while encountering the myriads of ways in which photography can create platforms for diversion and reflection.  

Seeing is not always knowing, in the space between presenting realities and representing possibilities meaning gets constructed and construed through past experience, symbols and signs. The indelible impressions caused on the mental landscape through years of religious canonization makes the body forget its basics; we are all made of blood, salt, oil, water, milk and a wild imagination. Ultimately, I am interested in pointing to a form that is far more subjective, permeable and open-ended. 

In the fragile memory of time and the stories imprinted in my bones, I search for truths that evoke a wider dialogue and contemplation.